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No, Hot Air Balloon rides and all ride tickets are sold separately. Hot air balloon rides are subject to weather conditions and can only be purchased on the day of the event, on a first come first served basis.

PWDs/Senior Citizens are entitled to a 20% discount. You can claim your PWD/Senior Citizen discount upon purchase at our fiesta gates on March 6, 7 & 8 ‘2020

There will be a special lane for PWDs/Senior Citizens, they are allowed on this lane with only one companion.

• Please note that the Fiesta venue is an open field. Please make sure that your PWDs/Senior Citizens are ready for and willing to be under the sun in a crowded place. Please do not bring your senior citizen companions with you if they are not in good health.  If an emergency occurs we have designated Emergency Medical Services stationed in the venue.

No, Ride Tickets are not Entrance Tickets. You will need to Purchase an Entrance Ticket to enter.

Yes, if the ticket is still valid and has not been used, it is still transferrable but valid only for 1 person, for 1 day.

PHILBALLOONFEST / BALLOONFIESTA.PH TICKETS: Ticket date transfer will need to be requested before Feb 21, 2020. Date transfer is subject to slot availability.


** if you wish to change your dates, you will need to make a request replying back to our email where we sent your ticket.


TICKETNET: Tickets bought with ticketnet can be used on any day.


Entrance Tickets are only valid for 1 day.

PHILBALLOONFEST / BALLOONFIESTA.PH TICKETS: Ticket date transfer will need to be requested before Feb 21, 2020. Date transfer is subject to slot availability.


** if you wish to change your dates, you will need to make a request replying back to our email where we sent your ticket.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel the event without refund due to force majeure.

View our terms and conditions.

Attendees who wish to exit the grounds and come back on the same day should have themselves marked with a stamp at the gates before leaving. No stamp, no re-entry.

No, Ride Tickets such as Tandem Paraglide, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon rides are sold separately.

Only Photographer’s Pass, Prenup Pass and First Class Ticket holders are allowed in this area during the Balloon Launch. Once the morning launch has ended, they will need to return inside the fiesta grounds. 

Once purchased, tickets are considered sold and are non-refundable. Please check our Terms and Conditions


Bringing in of food and drinks are NOT ALLOWED in the fiesta venue. Food and refreshments are sold around the fiesta venue in the concessionaire tents and food booths.

Bringing in of glass containers and breakables are not allowed inside the Fiesta grounds.

Pursuant to the environmental policies of the local government, single use plastics are banned from being used. Plastic water bottles are not allowed inside the venue.

Please make sure to keep the fiesta grounds clean by not littering.

There is a covered seating area on the ground floor, but exposed to the morning sun. Please wear comfortable clothes and a hat. If the seats have filled up, there are standing areas at the back of the ground floor. Also there is the fiesta grounds which is on an open field behind a safety fence, we recommend you come early to find a good spot for enjoying the fiesta.

There is a covered seating area and an outdoor fiesta ground. Only foldable chairs and mats are allowed at the outdoor fiesta grounds. No monoblock chairs are allowed.

No, we do not allow the pitching of tents in our fiesta grounds as we have limited space.

Small pets may be brought to the fiesta venue, but owners should be responsible to clean up after them and keep them on a leash. Owners should also make sure that their pets will not be a nuisance to other fiesta attendees.

For safety reasons, smoking is not allowed inside the venue, except for designated smoking areas, which will be properly marked.

Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into the fiesta venue. Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the concessionaire tents and booths can be consumed inside the fiesta venue.

Yes, regular toilets and portable toilets are available around the fiesta venue.  

Yes, there are ATMs after the entrance gates. Please bring sufficient money to purchase your entrance tickets.

These items are not allowed in our fiesta grounds.

You can use personal cameras; phones, point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras. Just as long as the photos taken are for personal use.

For professional cameras, you will need to request in advance permission from the organizers.

Hot air balloons take off every 5:30-6:00 AM depending on wind conditions. The next opportunity to see the balloons will be at the Night Glow. It is best to be at the fiesta grounds earlier than this to secure a good viewing spot either at the covered seating area or the outdoor fiesta grounds. All hot air balloon activities are subject to favorable wind conditions.

Each aviation event requires different weather conditions. Good wind conditions for one activity may be bad for another! Hot air balloons, for example, require very specific weather conditions. They cannot inflate or fly if the wind is too strong, and they cannot fly if the air is too hot. Hot air balloons are best for winds of 6-8kph. If the wind reaches 18kph, it is very dangerous for pilots to inflate the balloons and could put audience at risk. On the other hand, kites require stronger winds in order for them to fly!

Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended. We hope for cool weather in the early morning and early evening. For the rest of the day, weather is usually sunny, but it’s also good to be prepared for some rain. It’s quite cold and windy during dawn so a jacket would be advisable. The sun will be high in the middle of the day, so be prepared for heat and the sun.

Wear light clothing, and sturdy but comfortable shoes for the open field. Remember your hats, umbrellas, shades, and sunblock!

It really depends on what you prefer. On the first day, Friday traffic is lighter than the weekend and the Fiesta isn’t as crowded, so the experience is fun but more relaxed. On the weekend there will be fireworks displays to close the Fiesta. Because of this and of freedom from work or school, the big crowds arrive on Saturday and Sunday. 

The weekends are especially lively and energetic, but please keep in mind that these are also the days when the crowd is thickest, and the traffic is heaviest!

It is when Hot Air Balloons glow and sync their lighting to the music and paragliders fly and perform aerobatic maneuvers alongside them.

The entrance ticket allows you to enter the public spectator area and view the balloons and other aircraft from a safe distance. Only authorized personnel with ID’s are allowed to enter the restricted areas.

These air-conditioned areas are reserved for First Class and Business Class Ticket holders.

Yes, regular toilets and portable toilets are available around the fiesta venue.  


A public assistance desk at the Information booth will also be available for any emergencies or concerns. Emergency numbers will also be posted around the venue. A medical team is always available to respond to any emergencies.

You may approach our public assistance desk at the Information booth to make the necessary announcements.

You may approach our public assistance desk at the Information booth to claim or surrender any items found in the fiesta venue.

There will be a special lane for Senior Citizens and PWDs, they are allowed on this lane with only one assistant.

Gates open at 4:30AM,
events start at 5:30AM,
Night Glow at 6:30PM and
Fiesta grounds close at 9:30PM.